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4D's Privacy Policy™ 

4D's T & D Inc (TM)  (hereafter may be called – ‘4Ds’ (TM) or ‘the company’ or ‘our company’ or ‘us’ ‘our’ ‘we’) is a local service company based in New York, USA. We’re also an online aand off-line general sales merchant ‘Our’ goal is to serve and to represent the best possible interest and satisfaction of all ‘our’ customers in a fair and amicable manner as is practical with the products and services that ‘we’ offer and in accordance with NY State and government rules and regulations and also local laws where applicable. Hence, ‘we’ have formulated and set forth policies, terms and conditions, standards aand guidelines to address various possible conflict resolutions as may be noted below:

4D's T&D Inc., does not disclose your information to a third parties without a customer’s consent except to facilitate a transaction, to act on the customer’s behalf or request, or as legally required. Such limited disclosure or circumstances may include the following entities -:  financial institutions regarding financial transactions, postal or shipping authorities or to contractors or entities aiding on customer's behalf on a financial transaction or by aiding us to fulfill your service or law enforcement as required by law or in a legal proceeding.

Store Policy: All products and or items displayed on our website that have been shipped/mailed to our customers are subject to a full payment refund and if not satisfied except for any deduction that may be payable subject to ‘our’ policy and approval. In the case of such refund any credit or charges made will be applied to the credit or debit card used to process the original transaction; for PayPal transactions, refund will be credited to the original account or credit card used; and any other payment may be processed by checks/cheques issued by ‘4D's T & D Inc., less any deductibles or cost of shipping if applicable. All returning items must return in its original package and in an acceptable condition for restocking. The shipping costs for all returning items are the sole responsibility of the customer. A restocking fee of $10.00 may be charged on some returned items valued over $75.00 (seventy-five) dollars.  Orders over $500.00 [five hundred] dollars may be charged 5% to 15% [five to fifteen percent] on returns. All special orders that have been requested or made by any of our customer that we have purchased on that customer's behalf and  from another supply house may be subject to the terms and conditions of that supplier or supply house and may also be subject to 'our' (4D's T & D Inc.TM) policy as well.

Replacement or exchange - Purchases made on 'our website' , would be eligible for replacement or refund if an incorrect, damaged or defective product(s) is shipped and only if we (4D's T&D Inc.) are notified within 14 days for local customers and 30 days for our international customer as per date of delivery.  ‘Our company’ will pay the shipping cost of the replacement product back to the customer and ‘our’ shipping department will determine the chosen method of delivery/shipping and therefore any such return will be made within 2 - 3 business days of receipt of the returned product(s) or items from the customer. In some rear situations, shipment may be delayed subject to the availability of the replacement or exchange product(s). No restocking fees may be charged to the customer for the return of an incorrect or defective product that has been clearly proven in favor of the customer's report upon 'our' review in such a matter, which may be the responsibility of either the manufacturer or the supplier. All returns must have prior approval from 'our office' and all such returns must be received within 30 [thirty] days of delivery or shipment. If a package is sent or return to us without prior approval or without a return label from us or without proof of delivery from your carrier.  4D's T & D Inc TM. will not accept any responsibility for any lost or damages that you may have incurred and will not accept any responsibility to provide any receipt of such package(s). Please contact our office with any return or cancellation matters or concerns you may have at CustomerServ@4DsElectrical.com prior to your doing so, to give 'us' and opportunity to resolve the matter with some form of mutuality and therefore, should you have failed to observe the above agreement 'we' cannot and will not hold our-self accountable nor responsible for any outcome that may have affected you in one way or the other and as such any request or claim(s) you may have presented will not be acknowledge hereafter.

 As a general shipping practice, all purchases are expected to be delivered to our customers within 5 – 14 business days for local customers and 15 - 25 days for our international customers via regular mail from the time of shipping under normal circumstances. Other shipping conditions such as overnight, next-day, second day or express shipping are available at customer’s request or choose an option at check-out for an additional charge. Any returned or declined money orders or checks/ cheques would be subject to a payment fee of $25.00 [twenty-five] dollars to recover banking or other financial cost we may have incurred and may also be subject to additional fee as a result.  Any intent to cancel an order made by a customer must be brought to ‘our’ attention via email at customerserv@4dselectrical.com  within 24 [twenty-four] hours of placing such order(s) or before such order(s) have been forwarded for processing or have been shipped out to the customer, to be considered eligible for a refund and in such case a small processing fee may apply. All canlelled or return orders MUST have our Approval Code (sent to you) affixed or attached to your cancellation request or to your return package to be qualifed. All orders sent from 4Ds T & D Inc (TM) or 4D'S T&D Inc'(TM) may be considered lost packages if NOT received by the customers when shipped by any one of the following shippers and within their individual time frame listed below with an applied 3 - 5 days extension flexibility -: 

A). UPS OR FEDEX GROUND within 5 business days of 'our' mailing/shipping.
B). US POSTAL SERVICE OR PRIORITY MAIL within 14 business days of 'our' mailing/shipping.
C). US POSTAL SERVICE STANDARD MAIL within 14 business days of 'our' mailing/shipping.
D). FED EX OR UPS 2nd DAY BY AIR within 3 business days of 'our' mailing/shipping.
E). FED EX OR UPS OVERNIGHT within 2 business days of ‘our’ mailing/shipping.
NB: During times of extreme conditions such as an act of nature or any social disorder, some orders may be delayed and the times of delivery may be extended during any of these events. All times given are estimates and exclude government, state and public holidays, which may also affect/delay estimated delivery times. 

If you have not received your order passed the expected date, you're required to reach out to your carrier and your insurance provider and seek their assistance before contacting us.

*Field Service: Service Call, Installations and or Repairs | Privacy Policy – Terms & conditions of contract:
4Ds T & D Inc.TM, (hereafter called – ‘4Ds’ (TM) or ‘the company’ or ‘our company’ or ‘us’ or ‘our’ or ‘we’) is a local service company based in the city of New York USA. Any customer that made a purchase or made any transaction with 'us' have in effect agreed to 'our company's' privacy policy terms and conditions herein and including the undersigned signatories do agree to this contract as follows: ‘Our’ fees/charges in an estimate presented to the customer with a contracted job are based on a general or rough assessment of work intended or to be done in view of the immediate known situation or available information at the date and time the estimate was drafted and such information may including the findings/planning designs and also other related information known at hand about the job in question and in addition to the predictable/likely cost of the materials required to complete the job. An estimate may reflect an increase/decrease in terms of cost if any unforeseen/unpredictable situation/ circumstance have arised during any phase of the work in progress or nearing the completion of the job and such cost may affect the previous figures or cost or charges presented in the approved estimate and such adjustment will be processed or be reflected in the invoice presented to the customer for payment. In the event of an increase of an estimate, the customer may not be notified in advance if such increase was not foreseeable or if the increase amount does not exceed 20 to 30 percent of the original estimate. Any electrical installation, diagnosis, upgrade, repairs or rewiring service performed by ‘our’ company, or subcontractor or by 'our' agent may include but not limited to drilling holes, opening-up or cutting walls, or ceilings, or concrete, or ground/earth/floor surfaces or any other surface(s) or other structures or may include a combination of any action/work/activities mentioned above for the purpose of completing a job.

(12)  With regard to estimates, 'we' do not consider nor include any cost for remending, replacing or repairs to any altered walls or structures (as described above) in ‘our’ estimates or invoices/bills charged to the customers unless otherwise stated and agreed to in writing. The cost for such structural repairs or replacement or remedy is solely the responsibility of the customer who may exercise the right to have another contractor repair or replace any such structure(s) or surfaces or structural adjustments/alterations in these unavoidable situations as a result of ‘our company’ activities/ efforts to complete a job, unless otherwise so-stated and agreed to in writing. A onetime Service Call fee is required on each new job or each new phase of a job and or for each follow-up visit on the account of a new job or on a new phase of a job whether the job is being accepted by either party or contracted by "our company." These related fees (are minimal and necessary charges to off-set or cover traveling expenses, time and another cost factors for a service technician to come to the customer's home or place of business or wherever service is required by the customer and whether or not any work is performed at that specific time or day of visit and any such payment or transaction made is non-refundable. Additionally, it is required that you pay an advance deposit (to be determined by the service man or by our office directly) on your required job or for the first half hour of ‘service performed’ (if time of completion can be fairly accessed) at the standard rates/price that is applicable to the type and nature of the job to be performed by the service technician(s) and all such jobs requested must have an authorized signature before any commencement of work and this requirement is without any exceptions.   You  may  cancel  your job request at any time by notifying  ‘our’  office within one hour of processing or of placing your job request or before a service  technician arrives at your place or location of job, in order that you may be entitled to a refund of the Service Call fee and such refund is further subject to ‘our’ policy. 

(25) All field services offered or provided to our customers or to the public by our company (4D’s T&D Inc.) and or by our affiliates or partners acting on our behalf are subject to 'our' (4Ds T&D Inc.) policy, terms and conditions including but not limited to the following as part of a mutual agreements between or by all parties or customers involves or entered into a contract with us (4Ds T&D Inc). Hence 'our' (4Ds T&D Inc.) field services offered are described or classified herein or as follows and are managed by their  individual  departments  and  may  be  treated  as  an  independent  and  separate  entity  which may  also  be  described  or  classified  as  a  particular  ‘phase of a job’  as  listed below in the various departments     –     ELECTRICAL WIRING CONSTRUCTION Dept.    |    BUILDING IMPROVEMENT/REPAIRS Dept.   |   HVAC Dept   |   APPLIANCE – EQUIPMENT REPAIRS Dept.   |   APPLIANCE  – EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION Dept  PLUMBING Dept. | PAINTING Dept. | WELDING Dept. |DIAGNOSIS Dept: (A. Electrical _ B. Plumbing _ C. HVAC _ D. Appliance) | OTHER Dept.

Job Cancellation - This is referred to as a sudden or abrupt action taken by a customer that may announce to the contractor to whom an agreement was made to do a job he/she has requested and then the customer decided to halt or cancel the said job without giving any prior or adequate notice of intent to cancel; while the job is in an active phase or within a period of a short pause or break with the customer’s knowledge of such pause or break; and wherein an agreed rescheduled date for the work/job to be continued was established verbally or by some form of writing.   Such rescheduled date may be automatically postponed or be adjusted to a future date  without further notice to the customer due to any or some of the following situations -  time constrain, illness, material shortage, adverse weather conditions or acts of nature, acts of war, strikes, absence of workmen, or any other situations beyond the control of the contractor or his agent. In the event of a job cancellation, the customer bears the responsibility to put in writing his/her reasons why he/she canceled the job and forward such letter to the contractor within 24 hrs (twenty-four) of motion of cancellation via direct delivery or by electronic means. Any failure on the customer’s part to do so is considered a breach of contract and also violate our policy, terms and condition of contract or agreement and may therefore renders any charges or refund or damages or any other claims brought forward by the customer against the contractor nil and void. As a result of the  customer’s failure to abide by our policy, terms and conditions he/she had agreed to ‘we’ 4Ds T&D Inc will not and cannot hold ‘ourselves’ liable or responsible (43) for any compensation or rewards he/she may seek or made against ‘us’ in a court of law.   Additionally, and in view of a breach of contract, all prior guarantee, agreement, offers, waivers, credits, discounts or easements may be nullified without any prejudiced or ill will. On the contrary, if the letter is receive within 24 hrs of cancellation with appropriate evidence ‘we’ would examine or review the circumstances of the cancellation relative to our policy, terms and conditions of contract/agreement together with any other written materials including estimates, etc. After an examine or review of the circumstances of the claim made by the customer, and the cancellation was found not to be justifiable according to ‘our’ policy, terms and condition, a letter will be send to the customer within fourteen to 28 days with our findings and our decision.  Additionally, if the cancellation is found to be justifiable upon ‘our’ findings and conclusion and met the required (24 hrs) limitation and also met the stipulation of ‘our’ policy, an appropriate actions will be taken to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. A late response from the customer (beyond the 24 hrs) may not be considered for a quick response or be entitled to same process as the policy dictates with respect to the 24 hours limitation.  Job completion - A job can only be considered completed if or when it is signed-off as completed on the ‘Work Order - Contract form’ or by an act of invoicing/billing the customer for full or complete payment of any amount due. Hence, after the completion of a job the customer has thirty days guarantee on a completed job during which period he/she is entitled to make a fair or reasonable request on ‘us’ to return and make good of that which may be unseemly - See ‘Call-back Service’ for more details. 

(55)  Service Call Cancellation - Customers are required to give adequate notice of cancellation of a Service Call requested.  Any failure on customer’s part to give adequate notice of cancellation of a 'Service Call' that the customer has requested and in such timely manner as prescribed above will be interpreted as an acknowledgment and acceptance that the customer have agreed that he/she is fully responsible and obligated to pay the required ‘Service Call Fee’ without any dispute and that the customer also agreed that any or all such ‘Service Call Fees’ paid are non-refundable. The required ‘Service Call Fee’ may range from $65 to $95.00 and up depending on location within the NY metro area and may be different for other destinations. All payments are due in full upon the time and date the customer receives the invoice or upon completion of the job and is therefore considered outstanding after three days (seventy-two hours) of receipt of the said invoice. Any discount or refund or guarantee offered are subject to full payments upon the date and time the customer received an invoice and is further subject to the terms and conditions of the contract. A 10% charge will automatically be added to the invoice amount due  if  payment is not received as stated above and may continue to accumulate compounded amounts/charges on any payment balance and or any outstanding amount due until full payment is received or settled. *Any matter with regards to an invoice must be reported to ‘our’ attention within three days of receipt or otherwise there’s no need to do so thereafter and as such the customer have acknowledged, agreed, and confirmed that he/she is satisfied with the service, invoice and the terms & conditions stated above and therefore no further action or signature is required on the customer's part and the charges/payment due is indisputable and shall remain in effect as is and without any contest. If for any reason you/customer so choose to disregard this written agreement or contract in whole or in part after the commencement of work/job such action may constitute a breach of contract and as a result you (the customer) may be held liable/responsible for all payments due as outlined in the “terms and conditions of the contract and according to ‘our’ policy. CALLBACK SERVICE - May be described as after the completion of a physical job (whereby such completion may be indicated by a signed-off on the 'Service Call - Contract' form or by billing or by invoicing the customer for payment, directly or by electronic delivery means) and thereafter but within 30 (thirty) days of completion and the customer made a request for 'the serviceman' to (72) comeback to recheck, adjust or correct a possible malfunction claimed  by the customer, on a job that was completed within the last thirty days, and whether or not 'such request' may be deemed justifiable or not by 'the serviceman'  ('our' technician/electrician) upon his return or arrival at the customer's place in question. Upon arrival, the serviceman will perform a complete diagnosis; (series of test and or visual inspection) to verify whether such claim made by the customer do existed or not. After a determination has been made and such request is deemed justifiable, there will be NO 'Service Call Fee' or charges' to the customer. However, on the contrary, if a malfunction has occurred or is evident as per diagnosis and such malfunction has been determined not to be directly related to the recent job/repairs/installation in question, a 'Service Call Fee' will be deemed payable and the customer will be billed/invoiced accordingly for any repair service performed. Other charges and fees may also apply and such charges and or fees may include any parts and or materials used on such occasions to solve, repair  or correct the problem or malfunctioned that had reportedly occurred. Additionally, if it has been determined that any obstruction, or accident, or damages to customer's equipment, or appliance or apparatus, or structures, etc have been caused by anyone (an intruder,employee, employer, owner or operator) and have resulted in any malfunction or damages to said item described above within the guaranteed 30 (thirty) period and the customer made any claim for any compensation (free service or goods or refund or payments) in this regard, will be considered fraudulent and will automatically void all our (4D’s T&D Inc)  guarantee and all discounts and privileges offered previously.   

(84) DISCLAIMER: No one is permitted to interfere with an ongoing job/work and if there are sufficient evidences to prove that someone else other than our technician(s) or employee(s) has/have tamped/interfered with any work or any section or part of a job [electrical/nonelectrical or electronic/nonelectronic, circuit/ wiring or with any part(s), or made any repairs or alterations or adjustments, damage, etc.] on any job ‘our’ technician(s) or employee(s) have initiated or otherwise assigned to or that ‘we’ have contracted and may be working on at any time, such acts or actions or incident occurring on customer’s premises or on a job the customer has approved or have authorized ‘us’ to execute and that such incident have occurred without the knowledge or permission of ‘our’ company’s technical or engineering department or the assigned technician(s) working on such job and whether or not such job is completed but not yet declared as completed by either written statement or by an authorize signature to indicate such a completion, may be considered a breach of contract. In consideration of or in reference to the above such a breach of contract will be subject to our terms and conditions and (54) policy whether or not the customer has authorized such action and as a result such incidence/occurrence may cause ‘us’ to reconsider and adopt/implement new terms and conditions of or within ‘our’ agreement or (93) contract with the customer and any such changes/adjustment will supersede any previous agreements, terms and conditions according to our policy or except in the event such action was taken by an unknown intruder and the customer did file a report with the police department and that such document is available upon request of such incident of a broke-in or burglary or unauthorized entry and in either situations ‘4Ds T&D Inc’TM nor its employee(s) or technician(s) nor the subcontractor or an authorized entity will not accept any responsibility/liability for any damages or delays caused or any other situation or circumstances that may have risen out of such incident or situation and in this (61) unfortunate situation the customer will have to bear full cost of any additional expenses/losses incurred as a result. Waivers - In the event  a  waiver (including the Service Call fee) has been offered to a customer by 'our company’ (hereafter call 4D’s T&D Inc., ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘our company’), and for it to be honored by ‘us’’ or be implemented or goes into effect, the party or parties concerned must sign (100) our (initiation) 'contract form' and also sign another written form, provided by ‘us’ detailing the specific item(s) for which 'the waiver' is pertaining to or entitled (which may include a statement why the waiver was granted), the monetary value (if it can be determined) of the waiver or waivers, the terms  and conditions of the waiver; and the required signatures  and all the requirements which have been stated above must be had within 24 hours of the offer  or upon delivering an invoice directly/hand-delivered to ‘our’ customer. Failure to meet these requirements may or shall void/nullify all waivers previously granted based upon ‘our’ review, discretion and determination. The party or parties that were offered the waiver(s) and failed to meet the terms and conditions of the waiver as  prescribed in ‘our’ policy will forfeit their privilages and rights and be held fully liable for the value of such waiver(s) or denied the right or privilege(s) he/ she/ they had once offered in the waiver(s). It is the responsibility of our customer(s) to read or review our policy online policy as they would have been referred/directed to do and must request the waiver document/form from ‘us’ to have it properly process, with the relevant signatures in order for the waiver to be validated.  Any waivers and or discounts offered are either credited to the customer's account or process as a rebate only. In some occassional situations, a waiver may be offered on the 'Service Call Fee' based on an original estimate or other unique situations but will be forfeited after a review process, if such unique situations are altered in any form or manner whatsoever. ‘We’ offer no warranties or guarantees on any parts or materials used in our service under no (111) circumstances whatsoever [parts and materials may include any product, component, equipment, apparatus, machines, gears, accessories, appliances, hardware and or any substance such as a liquid or gas] is/are subject to the supplier/manufacturer’s warranty and ‘we' may only offer free labor/workmanship (excluding all or any cost of defective part(s) or material(s) used in such a given situation, which shall be the responsibility of the customer/supplier/manufacture) to refund or replace such a defective or damage part or material while service is effectively under guarantee and if this be the case all terms and conditions of service and or (80) contract must be adhered to or be met or agreed to or be accepted in accordance with ‘our’ privacy policy and or contract. 'We' reserved the right not to accept or honor any request or demands or conditions whatsoever outside of the written contract from any customers and or for any reason whatsoever that may be placed on or upon 'us' by any customer after a job is completed.

Payment Dispute: All payments due are considered outstanding and are subjected to 'our' policy - terms and conditions. In the unlikely event of any payment dispute between the customer and 'our company' the customer will be held responsible and liable to pay the full amount of the payment (amount shown on the invoice) due upon receipt of invoice less the 'disputed amount only' without any delay while a settlement of the 'disputed sum/amount' is under review or in process. (121) Unless the customer provided to us sufficient evidence to support such claim within 10 (ten) business days by either postal mail or email (see 'our' mailing and email address below) the customer will be held fully responsible and liable for all 'outstanding payments' plus a compounded 10% (ten percent) charge per month or any part thereof on the 'full amount in dispute' until a full settlement has been made. More-so, if it has been found that the customer has misrepresented (by deception, misunderstanding, error or other causes, reasons or motives) the claim for the disputed amount under review and not willing to provide to 'us' with sufficient evidence to support such claim within 10 (ten) business days by forwarding to us such evidence for further review by postal mail or email mail ['Our' mailing address: 4D's T&D IncTM., PO Box 380299, Brooklyn NY 11238 or email - CustomerServ@4electrical.com, the customer will be automatically charged the additional compounded 10 % (ten percent) per month or any part thereof on the full amount of the payment withheld from 'us' until a full settlement has been made including any additional fees, penalties or charges incurred by 'us' (4Ds T&D Inc.) as a result of such unsubstantiated, unjustifiable, unreasonable, defective or nebulous claim in a dispute and which may also include legal action to recover any losses or cost on 'our' part. 'We' reserved the right under this contractual agreement to make these additional charges (with regards to any payment due as may be disputed, as described above) to any credit or debit card the customer presented as a means of payment for any of 'our' services (previous or current) and had/have authorized 'us' to make (132)  any charge(s) to such credit or debit card held on record. ‘We’ accept most major credit and debit cards payments, PayPal and checks/cheques for our services. Please note there will be a chargeback fee for any declined, returned, held-up or delayed credit or debit card payment or canceled money orders or checks/cheques in the mount of $25.00 [twenty-five] minimum plus any chargeback fees, penalties, fines or lost 'we' may have incurred as a result of or due to customer's failure or irresponsibility to follow and abide with 'our mutual agreement as stated in this policy' and also in accordance with ‘our’ company terms and conditions as stated herein or hereafter written and delivered to the customer. Cheques/checks may be submitted up to three times for payment into ‘our’ account in an effort to process any payment that is due in 'our' favor and or to ‘our’ credit. Additionally, after all three attempts failed to clear/redeem any such payment(s), 'we' may proceed to take action to cancel any promises or all guarantees or discount or other offers/privileges you may have been previously given on this job – by ‘our’ company and or associates and such failure on your part to correct the defaulted payment may be considered a breach of contract.‘We’ would make other efforts and attempts to collect all 'outstanding' payments including none payments of returned checks/cheques and or money orders directly or indirectly with the defaulted customer and if any of 'our' efforts have failed to reach an acceptable settlement for these payments or any other due payment from any customer and or in any other situations of any outstanding/default payment ‘we’ would invoke all necessary ‘legal action’ to collect the payments and the customer shall be held liable and fully responsible for all financial losses incurred including but not limited to – ‘all legal fees and court cost’ – penalty charges – interest charges – employees time for court appearances – transportation cost – telephone or other communication cost – bank charges – office time for processing these defaulted/outstanding payments and any other inconveniences ‘we’ may have bear/ endured/ inherited as a result of the customer’s failure to (146) correct and or to honor his/hers/agency's/company's financial responsibilities and obligations with ‘us’. ‘We’ may also exercise the right to report any defaulted payments/debts matters to a debt collection agency and credit bureau. When more than one invoice has been issued to a customer for more than one job/contract completed and the customer pays by installment, such payments or money received shall be assigned to or shall be paid towards the oldest invoice or most outstanding payment due. Guarantees - Any guarantees offered on any service including but not limited to repairs or alterations or adjustments or installations or a combination of various services MUST be paid in full upon the date and time an invoice has been issued and delivered to the customer for such payment and these conditions as stated above (under guarantees) supersedes any previous written or verbal statements contrary to above. Furthermore, the above guarantees are limited to the area(s) or circuits ‘directly affected’ by any part(s) and or any materials that have been replaced, installed or adjusted by ‘us’ or by a third party acting on 'our' behalf and such warranties may not be extended to other areas or to other parts and or materials (directly or indirectly connected) and such guarantees offered are strictly limited to labor/workmanship service only. Any parts and or materials supplied by ‘us’ or by ‘our’ service technician(s) to be used for the purpose of any service requested/contracted with/by the customer will be considered the property of the customer and therefore must be fully paid in advance by the customer if such parts and or materials are valued over $100.00 (one hundred dollars) except where adequate amount of payment deposit is secured. If it is apparent or have been determined that any payment(s) have been delayed or with-held from 'us' under any (158) false pretense or false claim or for any unreasonable demands or any presumption of entitlement or any other conditions or situation beyond or outside of the written contract or agreement or beyond or outside the scope of 'our' policy, terms and conditions, have been presented by any customer, will be considered a breach of contract.

*Common terms used: Sufficient evidence - any means of findings credible evidence including any substantial statement obtained by any credible witness. | The term ‘customer’ or ‘you’ used or mentioned in this document refers to the owner(s) or person(s) or company or its agent(s) or other entity authorized to or acting on behalf of an authority to sign an agreement/ contract or receipt or invoice or any document so required. Such signatory is therefore considered a member or party of the authoritative body or owner(s) or company or authorized agent acting for or on-behalf of an authority with whom 'we' are doing business or have conducted business with fully agreed that the authoritative body or owner or company accept all responsibility and or all liability of all matters including payments with regards to ‘our’ service rendered and according to ‘our’ terms and conditions of the contract and ‘our’ privacy policy. | A Receipt - Is a printed document bearing the name of  4Ds T&D Inc., or 4D’s T&D Inc., or 4Ds and clearly printed with the word ‘receipt’ and  also the words ‘received from’ and also showing the amount received in ‘words’ and in ‘figures’  and also showing the date (the money or check or payment) received. It must also bear ‘our’ telephone number(s) and stating clearly ‘what the payment made and received was for’ and must also include an official or authorized signature in order to be considered or recognized or acknowledge as a receipt. No other document will not and cannot be accepted or acknowledge or recognized as a receipt and will not or cannot be acceptable as an official or legal document/receipt of any payment made by a customer or received from a customer and any other such document will be considered nil and void. Therefore, ‘we’ or ‘our company’ or 4Ds T&D Inc., or 4D’s T&D Inc., or our agent or a third party or authorized individual or employee will not hold ourself or ourselves  responsible or liable for any claims or damages or consequences caused for your (customer) mis-understanding or failure to secure a proper or official receipt  upon the date and time you have made a payment. Additionally, you (the customer) must forward a request within 48 (forty-eight) hours for an official receipt (if one was not issued to you or you did not request a receipt at the time of payment) if you later decided you should have a receipt or you needed a receipt; such request must be made via  our email address used for our most recent communication or via ‘our’ email address - customerserv@4dselectrical.com | Discounts - Are generally referred to as a reduction or adjustment of invoice for a service 'delivered' by 'our' company to a customer and 'paid for in-full' by the customer/ recipient. Discount are not processed in an invoice but rather reflective of the amount the customer is qualified for after making full payment as scheduled. | Rebate - All discounts and waivers offered are processed as 'rebates' only. To be qualify for such rebate, you must have a credit card on your account in our files and the payment shall be in the form of a 'credit-back' to the 'credit card' on your account, towards your next job with 'us'. Discount are based solely on 'workmanship/ labor cost' and not on the gross or full amount reflected on the invoice. The percentage offered are subjected only to the first $500.00 or first $1000.00 (five hundred or one thousand dollars) of workmanship/ labor cost and the amount will be determined by the accounts department. | Callback Service - May be defined as a re-call to follow-up or to recheck or to adjust or make good on a recent physical job that was completed by 'us' within the last 30 (thirty) days of billing and the customer some-how believes or thinks that there may be a problem/malfunction re-occured on the said job, after such service was completed on related job in question; be it justifiable or not. 

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