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                    How To Do-It-Yourself

Here is a list of our favorite topics and links about Working safely With Electricity and doing your own simple repairs. We hope this list provide the help you need including the various topics that may be added from time-to-time. If you have any questions or suggestions about other topics that you may like us to include, send us an email at - INFO@4DSELECTRICAL.COM and we would try to answer as quickly as possible. 
HOW TO USE A MULTI-METER/ TESTER and fix some common electrical problems around your home. Always remember to seek the advice of a professional if you are in doubt or before you proceed to work with electricity.
To be continued.

How to use a tester/ multi-meter to test some common electrical or electronic products and or devices of various power sources around the house. This video can help you find some common problems and also tell you what you may need to know to correct or fix such problems.  CAUTION: Working with electricity can be dangerous or even fatal if you do not have a basic understanding of working with electricity. 

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