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Here is a list of our favorite topics/ links about the many services we offered . We hope this list help you to LOCATE what you may be looking for - Electrical Motors| Motor Starters | Motor Diagnostics and Repairs | Kitchen Appliances |Laundry Appliances |Washing Machines | Cloth Dryers | Restaurant appliances | Food Steamers | Gas Ovens |Convection Ovens |Roof Extractor Fans | Grill Fans | Deli Fans | Smoke Alarms |Security Cameras | Gas Boilers | Cook Tops | Gas Cookers | Transformer Installation & Repairs | Air Compressors | Wood Shop machines | Wood Plainers | Wood Saw Press | Other Saw Press | Drill Press | Bakery Equipment | Plumbing Installation and Repairs | Handyman Services - Painting - Dry Wall - Door Locks - Wall Mountings - AC Mounting - Sink Faucets - Window Screen, etc. | Interior Construction and Repairs |Home Improvement | Special Parts Order | OnLine Store. If you have any suggestions or question about other services you did not see here, send email to Contact Us.

DICCLAIMER: We areNOT the 'scammers, HomeAdvisor' neither do we represent or acting on their behalf. We have no affiliation with them and we are not a middleman as they are. We are your direct contractor and professionals based in the state of New York

 Wer'e Your Direct Home Advisor and consultant

Ask your questions for a FREE advise and consultation on any of the many services we offered. 

Home Advisor and Consultant

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