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Never put all your eggs in one basket - This is true today as it was hundred of years ago. Let's think for a moment.   What will happen if you put all your savings into one bank and there is a dispute of some sort, with you and that bank? What if you decided to use only one telephone service provider and it decided to suspend your service over a dispute? What if your income is from a single source and that source suddenly ceases to function? With reference to the subject, what if you put all your eggs into one basket and the basket suddenly got destroyed? This is the question we all should be asking ourselves, before making major decisions that can significantly impacted our lives and those that depend on us. Posted 05m-27/2019

"All truth passes through three stages - First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident." --Arthur Schopenhauer.

"The stock market is similar to a Ponzi scheme because it is a system where the current investors' profits are dependent on the inflow of cash from new investors. The myth is, profits from stocks come from the earnings and growth of the underlying company. The reality is, profits from buying and selling stocks come from other investors who are buying and selling stocks. When one investor buys low and sells high, another investor is also buying high and needs to sell for even higher.
The truth really is just that simple. But, some of you might be thinking, "But stocks are ownership instruments, some stocks pay dividends, some companies buy back shares, people have made money, etc."
I'm familiar with those ideas because I used to work in finance and defended the legitimacy of the stock market with those same textbook responses. But then, I thought about it for many years at very deep levels--researched the history of stocks, studied S.E.C. filings--and realized that there is a massive difference between the textbook ideas from school and what actually happens in practice. People also have a tendency to rationalize and ignore the obvious when it goes against what they want to believe.                               The outcome of the years of meditation is this short book that explains the simple truth about how stocks really work. It doesn't matter if you love stocks or hate them. You should know the truth about where your money goes the moment you buy a stock. You can read this book to be a better gambler or read it to avoid the world's biggest scam. You will learn something unique here that you will not find elsewhere, and you will never forget what you learn. True ideas will never disappear. It can be covered, and we can get distracted, but the truth never goes away and becomes self-evident over time. This is not a story that will disappear after another market crash. It is an idea that will remain relevant for as long as the stock market exists" - Arthur Schopenhauer.

Posted: 05m-01/2019


   This type of bulb is commonly called the house bulb or screw-in "A" type lamp, medium Edison - E26 base. There are also the socket-fitted base types as well, mostly found in Europe.  This electrical light bulb was most commonly used up until recently in the USA, until the introduction of the fluorescent light bulbs and then the LEDs lamps/ light bulbs. The incandescent light bulb carried an internal tungsten wire coil, called the filament and is surrounded in glass enclosure filled with a gas called argon; which is the most commonly used gas in these bulbs.  The standard incandescent light bulbs are the least efficient (in terms of energy savings. Only about 10 % of energy is used for light and about 90 % is wasted as heat and they carried a shorter lifespan) form of electrical lighting as was widely used in homes up until recently as 2014 - 2015; when it was regulated and restricted by law in the USA [con]. When an electric current pass thru this tiny coil, it gets heated-up and produces that visible glow of light. An environmental study claims they gives off a significant amount of carbon dioxide [con]. During normal use, the bulb gets hot and can explode and a surge in electrical power can also cause an explosion of these light bulbs which may result in an electrical fire, as is the case in some reported instances [con]. They are less expensive and easier to install and replace in most cases [pro]. A common myth that is practice by many folks, they shake the bulb to determine wheat her or not it is good. This practice is potentially destructive to the filament, especially if the bulb was previously in use. Shaking the bulb can cause the filament to break, making the bulb useless. A used bulb is more vulnerable to shaking because the filament of a used bulb is much weaker than a new bulb, due to heating while previously in use. The best way to determine if the bulb is good or bad, you must use an electrical tester or sometimes called a meter (you can find such simple testers available on this website, very inexpensive) or try the bulb in a known working bulb socket. Alternatively, CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) and LED (light emitting diodes) are more efficient, last longer but at the same-time, they place a higher environmental impact due to mercury and other carcinogenic contents. They emit unhealthy levels of UV radiation and carcinogens and can also catch on fire or burn the skin, as was reported  in a study of 2014.

Posted Winter 2018


A cordless drill/driver is a versatile tool that's designed to drill holes and drive screws. Its key-less chuck accepts a wide variety of round- and hex-shank drill bits and screw-driving bits, as well as hole saws, rotary sanders, wire-wheel brushes, and other accessories. All cordless drill/drivers are also equipped with a slip clutch that allows you to adjust the amount of torque for precise, consistent screw-driving.

An impact driver looks similar to a drill/driver but for one noticeable distinction—instead of a key-less chuck, it has a collector that accepts hex-shanked driver bits. This tool is specially engineered to do one job: drive screws, which it does faster and easier than any other tool. Impact drivers can drive long, large fasteners—including fat lag screws—that would stall the very best drill/driver.

The impact driver uses both bit rotation and concussive blows to power-drive screws through the thickest, densest woods. The result of this combo is raw, unadulterated power. In fact, impact drivers typically deliver two to three times more turning force (torque) than the average drill/driver. How powerful? During a recent Popular Mechanics tool test, one 18-volt impact driver drove an astonishing 138 3-inch lag screws on a single charge. Despite its brute strength, an impact driver is easy and comfortable to use because the concussive action transfers much of that high-energy torque directly to the screw, not to your wrist or forearm. (An impact driver does not have a slip clutch, but the concussive action allows you to drive screws with great control and precision.)

So, if you're planning projects that require driving a ton of screws, or a lot of very large or long screws, then consider an impact driver. For example, impact drivers are ideal for building decks, installing tile backer board, and screwing down plywood sub-floors. If you're not planning to work on such projects, you might want to stick with the versatility of the cordless drill/driver. However, the gap between these two useful tools might be closing: Some manufacturers now offer drill chucks and other hole-drilling accessories for use in an impact driver - Popular Mechanics.

Posted Winter 2018

"It is said that most people work for their money rather than have their money work for them"

"The problem with working for your money is that you pay more in taxes as your income goes up. Working hard to earn more money and then giving it away in higher taxes isn't financially intelligent, even if you do put some of it into a retirement account. On the other hand, making your money work hard for you means your earnings are taxed less, if at all" - Robert Kiyosaki.

So how do I do that, you may ask?  - There are ways to save more money on your taxes but you must first hire the savvy, knowledgeable professionals to do your tax filing for you and not just anyone. Laws are constantly being changed and updated to the tax-payers benefits but if you or your tax-preparation office or personal do not know about these changes and benefits, you stand to lose rather than gain. This is one of the simplest ways in doing just that, saving more money on your taxes. Did this help?
Posted Spring 2018

Paying a Living Wage to Workers:
“No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has no right to continue in this country” – Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Laws vs Moral Conscience:
Doesn’t it seem like a significant portion of our laws in our hemisphere are crafted, supported and maintained by the one percent population, over the 99% (ninety nine percent) of the remaining population?

How dare we also give such power to that 'one percent' (tiny group) to exercise their will and control over the social dynamics of the rest of the population with little to no accountability?

As we all can clearly see the result;  they in-turn used that 'self-proclaim privilege' to keep themselves in power by continually exploiting the human labor resource and the natural God given resources of the earth in order to maintain their unconscionable privilege way of life, at the expense of us, the so-called lesser mortals. Any comment?

Below is a copy of a letter I have received March 2018. I'm happy to share it with my viewers in an attempt to awaken our consciousness of our plight as far as the criminal justice (or should I say the 'criminal injustice') system in New York is concern.  TODAY MAY BE MY REALITY AS A VICTIM OF THIS CROOKED SYSTEM AND TOMORROW MAY BE YOURS

 Tell Cuomo and lawmakers we will not wait:

Make New York a national leader in criminal justice reform
Share this:  
"New York’s criminal justice system is inadequate, unfair and deeply broken.

Each year, tens of thousands of New Yorkers who have not been convicted of a crime are stuck behind bars, pulled away from their work and their families, because they can’t afford to pay bail. A slow and backlogged court system drags out their injustice, as they wait months – or even years – for trial.

Worse still, these injustices disproportionately hurt people of color and poor New Yorkers. We need real criminal justice reform – and we need it NOW.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the governor and lawmakers they must pass legislation that fulfills the promise of fairness and justice. We need real reform of our bail, speedy trial and discovery laws.

In the coming weeks, legislative leaders will negotiate our state budget, and with it, a series of criminal justice reform measures introduced by the governor and lawmakers in the Senate and Assembly. In these negotiations, lawmakers must not trade away real reform.

New Yorkers charged with minor offenses should not spend time locked up, period. No one should be in jail because of the size of their bank account. Jail time before trial should be rare, used only when there is absolutely no other way to ensure someone returns to court.

We must live up to our constitutional guarantee of a right to trial within a reasonable timeframe. The tragedy of Kalief Browder, who spent three years on Rikers Island without being convicted of any crime, shows the horrors possible in our current system. We cannot allow people to suffer in jail because a court is understaffed or busy.

We also need "discovery" reform which would ensure open, early and automatic access to all evidence collected by prosecutors so New Yorkers aren’t defending themselves with one hand tied behind their backs.

Tell lawmakers – make New York a national leader in criminal justice reform. New Yorkers will not wait any longer for a fairer system.

We have all heard President Trump and Attorney General Sessions’ regressive, tough-on-crime worldview – one that would subject thousands more New Yorkers to the criminal justice system. Let’s show them that we won’t move backward. Let’s prove that in New York our rights and protections mean something".

Thank you for fighting injustice,

Donna Lieberman
Executive Director
New York Civil Liberties Union

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