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Underground Wiring

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4Ds T&D Inc™ offers electrical wiring installation in Brooklyn, NY along with 220-volts upgrade, violation remove, plumbing repairs, and welding you can trust. Rely on us for a full range of electrician services. As a versatile company, 'our' Handyman Service include: Fitting your Air condition window unit, mounts TVs on the wall, perform other wall mountings or hangings, furniture assembly, plumbing repairs, painting, vanity install, for your space and much more. If you don't see what you are looking for, call 'us' and let 'us' see how best 'we' could help you. Listed below are some of the many services and units or items we do provide an exceptional 'wiring / installation' and 'repair/services' for the following:

• Ceiling fans
• Roof Extractor Fans /Blowers
• Lamp fixtures & outlets
• Air compressors & dryers
• Electric Motors & Starters
• Circuit breaker panel
• 220 Volts upgrade
• Fluid Pumps & systems
• Hot water tanks
• Laundry appliances
• AC window unit installation
• Drill press
• Sifters
• Trash compactors
• Food heaters & warmers
• Gas & electric ovens
• Restaurant kitchen appliances
• Boilers & Furnace
• Remote control systems
• Sound & lighting signals
• Air quality control systems
• Low-Voltage Lighting
• Transformers: current & voltage - single & 3 phase.
• Line power Stabilizer
• Phase lost or phase unbalance situations.
• Voltage surge protection.
• City power back-up-generator automatic transfer switch/relay.
• Run three phase motors on single phase power - conversion system.
• Smoke alarms
• Carbon-monoxide detectors
• Doorbell systems
• Video monitoring systems 
• Security cameras
• Car remote start control 

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'Our' team will respond to your call in the quickest possible time; as a matter of 'our' company policy - you're 'our' # 1 priority. We would make every effort to complete your job on time and not only that, we would give you a full guarantee on the service 'we' delivered. "Your satisfaction is 'our' delight" and your smiling faces would tell just that. 'We' have served the following communities and continue to do so and will also like to add your business or situation here if it's not listed below.

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• Schools
• Home Owners
• Tenants
• Real Estate Establishments
• Private Institutions
• Hotels/ Motels
• Machine & Metal Shops
• Deli Grocery Shops
• Furniture Mfg. & Wood Craft Shops
• Mechanic Shops
• Restaurants & Bakeries
• Building Management
• Churches & Offices 
• Other Groups and Businesses

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