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Service & Repairs For Your: Appliances, Equipments and Machines

4Ds T&D Inc (TM) in Brooklyn, New York, is the name to call when it comes to appliance or equipment repairs and all your electrical wiring and maintenance for residential, commercial, and industrial situations. Instead of replacing a repairable unit with a costly new one, we would do everything 'we' could to fix/repair your existing appliance / equipment, which means a big saving for you. Additionally, 'we' would repair all your faulty wiring, switches, outlets and other fixtures in your offices, house /apartment or work place. Call now and let 'us' wire your building or apartment or repair /fix any electrical malfunction that you may have.

We Use First-Rate Materials for Repair & Maintenance

You can be assured that we use only the right tools and materials when it comes to appliance repair in Brooklyn, NY, or maintaining your unit or wiring your apartment or building. If necessary, our company will even out-sources any 'hard-to-find and outdated parts' for our customers need. We repair and maintain various model/brands of all items listed below and other equipment and appliances not listed on this page.

• Machines & Equipment Repairs
• Gas Boilers & Furnace
• Restaurant Appliance Repairs
• Circuit breaker panels

• Cleveland Food Steamer
• Vulcan Kettle Repairs
• Electric Motors & Starters
• Pump controls systems

• Electrical control Panel Wiring
• Gas Heaters & Ovens
• Range cooker, Hot plates, Cook tops, Stoves
• Air Compressors

• Transformers
• Motor driven machines
• Extractor fans/blower
• Cleveland kitchen steamers, etc.
• Hot Water Tanks

• Clothes Dryers
• Washing machines
• Ceiling fans installation
• Extractor Fans/ Blower parts

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Contact us in Brooklyn, New York, for dependable appliance/equipment, machines, motors, repair and electrical maintenance service. SEE LISTING ABOVE. 

Handyman Services are also available for general repairs, plumbing, wall hangings, pintings, etc.

Call Now or use the "Contact Us Form" to  have a professional address all your repairs and service needs.

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